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How Does Xanax make you feel?
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I'm wondering, for those of you who use xanax to help control your anxiety, how does this drug make you feel? I'm worried it will just make me sleepy, like so many other anti-anxiety drugs do. How long does it take for it to kick in and how long does the effect last? When is the best time to take it? Is it best to take it on an empty stomach? or doesn't it matter. Fill me in with your experiences please. Thanks :)
Posted on 11/26/07, 02:59 pm
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Reminder: This is a support group for Anxiety. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #21 - 11/28/07  2:55pm
" I have been on .25 mgs of xanax for about 5 yrs. It will relax me just enough to take the edge off...which is all i need. If i take it at night b/c i can't sleep, it does very well to put me to sleep. I only take them maybe 2-3 times per month. "
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Reply #22 - 11/28/07  6:48pm
" I do not get sleepy from Xanax. I get sleepy when the Xanax is wearing off. It relaxes me, and helps me cope. Sometimes it works better than others. There are times when it lasts longer for me than other times too. I do not have a problem with taking meds with no food in my stomach, so that I can't answer.

Good luck! "
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Reply #23 - 11/28/07  6:49pm
" Sorry, forgot something. It usually lasts about 4-5 hours for me. Takes about 20-30 minutes before I start to feel calmer. When I am having a really bad time, it can last shorter (3-4 hours). I am on .25 mgs up to 3 times per day. "
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Reply #24 - 11/28/07  7:35pm
" In my experience, Xanax helps control my anxiety. I have to start with a small dose, (1/2 of a 0.25 tablet) because I am tiny (100 pounds). It does help me sleep, too. I only take it occasionally. "
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Reply #25 - 11/30/07  7:50am
" It made me feel like I had an angry red rash all over my body. "
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Reply #26 - 11/30/07  4:09pm
" Wow..Thanks so much for all your answers you guys. Okay, some honesty here...I have not been prescribed xanax but I got some from my brother who was prescribed them when we was going through a 'rough spell'. They are 1 mg pills. I started by taking 1/4 a pill, about .25 mg. Well..after waiting for 45 minutes, I felt absolutely NOTHING. NO effect. So I took the other .25 mg. And still, no feeling of calming, relaxation, warmness, etc. However, I did start to feel sleepy and a little bit discoordinated. I went to bed that around midnight and slept in until 11 AM!!! I typically get up between 7 and 8. Ugh. I hate sleeping in late, but what I will say is that it was one of the best sleeps I've had in a long time, lol. I have no idea how someone could take this stuff, even in a small amount, and drive. And btw, I am a constant anxiety sufferer. I feel anxiety almost every day, almost every hour, so it's not like I was taking it when I was feeling 'normal' and just wanted to experiment for recreational use. I was hoping to feel some sort of calmness and relaxation, but without the sleepiness. Anyhow, I figured maybe it's just because I'm not used to the drug. So these past couple of days I've been trying it in small doses. In fact, I had a dental appt. on Wed. and I took some and I felt pretty fine and not very nervous like I typically would be. And today I just took a small dose .25 mg this afternoon, and lo and behold, I actually feel kinda happy and in good spirits and I'm feeling productive too! I am aware of how addicitive it can be however, so I don't intend to make this a daily habit in the least. I just wanted to see if it would affect me in a positive way and if it might be worth it for me for those times when I really need it! I seem to have a hard time finding drugs that help me with my anxiety. It's like I have a very stubborn case of it or something, lol. So far, for me, breathwork, yoga, and prayer have been my biggest helpers (when I can find the focus and discipline for it!), but I still have major issues with social phobia that I don't know how to overcome. It's awful. I really do like people. I just get so frozen up when I'm in groups or have to make a phone call, and then I beat myself up about it afterward. Anxiety really sucks. Anyhow, sorry to keep going on and on. Please keep sharing your experiences. Always happy to hear about them. Blessing to you all :) "
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Reply #27 - 01/12/12  9:55am
" the Doc changed me from 2mg of Ativan to 1 Mg of xanax. will that work. I want to know before i switch off/.... Does anyone know. I have bad anxiety/ "
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Reply #28 - 01/12/12  11:03am
" I took it from '91-'94. It made me sleepy at first, then somewhat relaxed. For me it never completely removed anxiety, like some say, it just took the edge off and allowed me to get on with things. If you plan on taking it on a daily schedule, use it for as little a time as possible, dependence develops quickly, for some in as little as a few weeks although tolerance is developed less quickly with Xanax, as compared to other potent short half life benzodiazepines. Withdrawal can be anything from fairly uncomfortable to downright hellish and rehab facilities are doing good business detoxing people off benzos. Do not increase your dosage without speaking to your doctor, it is a controlled substance and if you run out before refill they have a tendency to get very inquisitive. If you are taking a 1 mg pill, for the first time, I suggest a light meal, or it will knock you on your butt. Sometimes Xanax for first time users has a paradoxical effect and can increase anxiety, but it passes. I won't use benzodiazepines again. Although it helped, the dependence and withdrawal was just not worth it. I won't even take it prn(as needed). Good luck and do use caution with this medication. "
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Reply #29 - 01/12/12  11:11am
" Never take medication that was not prescribed for you, Number one; it is illegal. Number 2; if you had had a life threatening allergic reaction, your brother would be in a heap of doo. It is illegal to distribute a Schedule IV controlled substance, even if well meaning. This drug falls under DEA control and had something happened to you, he would fall liable to criminal punishment for distribution of a controlled substance and related charges. "
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Reply #30 - 01/12/12  12:08pm
" Our state just enacted the controlled medication laws that many other states now have and all 50 are soon to have. All benzos are listed and now have to be reported to a common data base when prescribed/dispensed. This allows all prescriptions to be tracked so patients can no longer doctor shop to get added drugs.

I was told by a doctor friend in Florida that the state is limiting the number of these listed pills that can be prescribed and people are having to travel to other states to get additional medications. I have not verified this but it has been widely reported on the benzo withdrawal forums. It was also reported to me from a patient in Florida.

In phase two all states and several government agencies will share the same date base so there will be no out of state prescriptions.

Benzos and common sleeping medications are listed as schedule 4 drugs. Other drugs used in anxiety like GABA agonists are listed as schedule 5.

I take issue with WidePanics statement the Xanax is less addictive than other short half life benzos. I co-started the first benzo withdrawal support internet forum in 1997 and counseled hundreds if not thousands of people withdrawing from these and other anxiety medications. I was a contributor to the Maine Benzodiazepine Study Group and wrote the first manual for benzo detox with 6 prominent addiction doctors/researchers. This is a subject I know too well !!

To make this statement shows a lack of knowledge of the pharmacodynamics of the drug. It is unique in all benzos because of its triazole ring or third ring. Upjohn specially formulated it to try to win FDA approval for both an anxiolytic and a antidepressant. It works as both a stimulant and a depressant.

The FDA refused the application as an antidepressant and forced the company to list its potential for paradoxical - manic and increased anxiety due to the unique structure. I wont go into all the dark politics of this drug but in a slight of hand Xanax was the first and only benzo approved to treat panic.

It was sold by the millions from the day it was released. Soon after its introduction a substantial number of case reports were published in the medical literature of severe withdrawal symptoms, including psychoses, seizures and intense rebound anxiety, upon discontinuation of alprazolam after just a week or two's use.

In 2001 the American Society of Addiction Medicine listed Xanax as one of the most rapid tolerance and neuroadaptive medications on the market.Again, this is largely based on genetics - some patients will never have a problem and others will have immediate problems and we have no way of predicting the outcomes.

The best preventative measure with all benzos is to take a "Drug Holiday" every two weeks for a month an access your reaction. "

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