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Xanax and how it effects a person? Really need adv
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I have occasional anxiety and my pdoc gave me Xanax. It only works when I'm anxious or really upset or agitated. I take 1 mg maybe 2 x a week. The problem is my husband takes them for his bad agitation and anxiety. He has an addictive personality and when he got them from his pdoc, he became addicted. I urged him to tell the doc and he weened him off. He then started taking them again and went off cold turkey several times-each time more sick than the last.
I am going to ask my pdoc for something else but I have tried klonipin before and they do not help. I was wondering if others found Loripram a step down from Xanax? Is it highly addictive like Xanax? I am angry at myself as I shouldn't have got the Xanax because of my hubby's addiction but I thought I'd hide it. I actually hide it in a feminine product and he found them. I checked it tonight because he acted out of it for past two nights, falling into a deep sleep so I checked my bottle and in two days I am missing 20 pills! Haven't confronted him as he is dead asleep...It is so hard for me to understand how he wants this Xanax so bad because for me, it just calms me down (I neverfeel out of it) I get sleepy if I take it and I don't really need it (I wanted to see how it would effect me if I didn't need it). He seems more aggitated if he doesn't take it during the day (I think he waits til night time) I just want to take something a little less strong- can anyone tell me the differences between each Benzo? Thanks!
Posted on 04/06/12, 11:29 pm
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Reply #1 - 04/07/12  5:47pm
" my dr only gave me .25mg pills...I can take 1-2 pills as needed for panic attacks. So 1mg to start sounds kinda high. (I don't know much about I don't know what the actual 'good dose' is.....). It does calm me down....I seem to need the two pills so that's 1/2 a mg. It also makes me a little sleepy. "
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Reply #2 - 04/07/12  6:45pm
" I've been on Xanax ever since being diagnosed with Afib..over 10 years ago.I take 4mgs at night.The highest the doc will go.I know I cannot abuse it so I just don't take more than needed. "
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Reply #3 - 04/07/12  7:41pm
" I've been on a very low dose of Xanax for years, I only take it when I need it, usually my prescription refill allowance runs out before I even get it refilled. I'm VERY concerned about your missing 20 pills tho, you have to address this with your husband... accidents happen, and unfortunately even suicides happen, and if something were to happen to your husband, and it was YOUR pills that caused it, how do you prove to the authorities that you didn't give them to him either outright or by "slipping him a mickey"? You could end up in jail for something you had nothing to do with, but can't prove... yes, that's a bit dramatic, but dramatic things happen every day. You cannot continue to allow him to take your meds and say nothing, that has the potential to end badly. "
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Reply #4 - 04/07/12  8:31pm
" My Doctor gave me .25mg, and I took my 1st pill yesterday. It did make me sleepy. It did help me to relax. "
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Reply #5 - 04/07/12  8:35pm
" I think klonopin, valium and ativan are all benzos (I could be wrong). Having tried klonopin and valium, I can say they're not as effective as xanax but have a faintly similar effect.

I would definitely be worried if your spouse is taking your prescription; this is actually illegal. Besides which the dangers are obvious. Overdose is more likely when combined with other drugs or alcohol but still a possibility; as well as increasing one's intake indefinitely which can be catastrophic. That is why doctors ration it and pharmacies won't refill the prescriptions until after the end of your regimen.

It sounds like you can't have it in the house without him getting it. Is there any place you could keep them locked away? "
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Reply #6 - 04/08/12  1:33am
" .5 mg Xanax = 10 mg Valium, so you can see Xanax is a very potent benzodiazepine with a high propensity for dependency. Its original indication was for no more than eight weeks maximum for anxiety and panic with or without agoraphobia. 1 mg total per day is a relatively small dose, however 4 mg per day is a high dose and probably a dependency concern. Long term use has been associated with cognitive impairment, memory loss, depression, liver issues, aggression, disinhibition and withdrawal syndrome. If you take it, try to use the smallest effective dose possible, and use it short term. If you are concerned that you may have a dependency issue, there is one sure way to find out. Withhold your dose. If you feel pretty crappy very soon, or feel you need or 'crave' it, or have to carry it on you, there is a good chance you have a dependency issue wether physical or psychological, even if prescribed prn(as needed). You've only sidestepped good, natural coping skills in place of a quick fix pill. Xanax is not very effective for Afib, and now at 4 mg for ten years your doc did a pretty good job of getting you hooked on Xanax, 2much4me2. There are newer specific meds to treat Afib, wether common, or valve related without dependency issues. Do be careful with benzodiazepines, try not to use them for sleep, as the tolerance to the drowsiness effects is acquired rapidly if used for sleep. The smaller the dose, the easier they will be to taper off of when the time comes, you really don't want to be on these for years, they will alter your thinking, motor skills, memory and possibly your personality if you become dependent on them. BP2, you need to hide your pills better or lock them up so he cannot get at them, he has a problem. All benzodiazepines act pretty much in the same manner, some like Xanax and Ativan are fast acting, short half life benzodiazepines. Klonopin has a longer half life but is more sedating, as it is used for seizures as well as anxiety. Valium has the longest half life, very long, so you want to be very careful with dosing. At any rate if you are on benzodiazepines, do be careful, take them for a short time only, they only treat the physical symptoms of anxiety, not the root cause. Good health. "

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