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I can see this is really popular. I am getting constant requests for it on my old closed account( was hacked). I don't understand it, I don't know why DS just doesn't dump it, it doesn't work, but still shows requests on it, waaayyy jacked up Hit me for it here if you want a copy. That way I can message you. Hope it's doing good for those I sent it to. Have a great Sunday all
Posted on 01/29/12, 02:53 pm
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Reply #31 - 05/22/12  11:38pm
" luvtheblues -
I am not familiar with the Triad Technique. I would love to have a copy, also. My email is
Pursah "
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Reply #32 - 07/02/12  5:37pm
" I would lovveee a copy "
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Reply #33 - 07/11/12  5:15pm
" please, please send me the Triad Technique.

Thank you very much "
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Reply #34 - 07/12/12  2:20pm
" Can you send me a copy of the Triad Technique. I would greatly appreciate it. Has it worked for you? Has anyone else tried this?

Thanks a bunch :) "
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Reply #35 - 09/09/12  10:56pm
" Hi there, would love to receive a copy, very kind of you. Hope it works! . Cheers "
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Reply #36 - 09/09/12  11:27pm
" i would love a nice of you!! "
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Reply #37 - 10/09/12  5:56pm
" I would like to have a copy too.
Thanks "
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Reply #38 - 10/10/12  8:31am
" I too would love a copy "
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Reply #39 - 10/10/12  8:57am
" I would love a copy too please. "
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Reply #40 - 10/10/12  9:43am
" I don't know how to send a message to you on here. I'm new. But I'm interested in the Triad technique. Could you please send it to me at tardis44 at yahoo dot com? I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks. "

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