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Dental extraction and ANXIETY
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Hey, As most of you know I have anxiety, and depression, with intrusive thoughts (which I have worked on quite a bit and have started to diminish). Anyhow, last time I went to the dentist I had a molar pulled (a wisdom tooth grew in afterward) and this was the start of my panic attacks. I was awake with local anesthetic and everything would have been fine had I not felt like he was going to rip my jaw out of its socket. And then after he yelled ta me for not taking care of teeth like I should. I haven't been back to a dentist since until recently. I am 28. Another bottom wisdom tooth is coming in but it has made a hole in the molar next to it so I have to have the molar extracted. SOOOOOOO Nervous about this but it needs to be done. The dentist is different and he has given me several options. None of which I know anything about and theat inturn makes me very nervous.

OPTION 1: anethesia (which I have NEVER been under and scares the crap out of me)

OPTION 2: Laughing gas (scares me a little because I don't know how I would feel on it) but it is what I leaning toward. I could also comnbine this with something called Halcyon a sedative.

Optin 3: Take my lorazepam, local anesthetic and go for it. I am leaning toward this as well.

This dentist said he probably won't be yanking the whole tooth out but drilling it in half and then pulling out each peice.

I don't know what to do! HELP. Have any of you had these dental experiences?
Posted on 03/15/11, 10:01 pm
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Reply #1 - 03/15/11  10:19pm
" i usually do the local anesthetic, and make sure that they give me enough. the dentists here don't like to give laughing gas, but when i had it before, as an additional, it made me feel relaxed, like a glass of wine. it can make you feel light-headed, and some people don't like it. i'd tell the dentist that you were nervous. would it help if he explained what all was going to happen? "
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Reply #2 - 03/15/11  10:22pm
" I have to have a wisdom tooth extracted and the only option I have is to take my lorazepam and a local anesthetic and hold on tight. I know I will still have trouble as the local anesthetic causes my heart to race which causes me to have panic attack but after the initial intense panic symptoms subside I am ok..... There is no way I would voluntarily be put under or use laughing gas..... "
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Reply #3 - 03/15/11  11:08pm
" I am so glad you have a different dentist. and sorry you had that bad experience.

I had wisdom teeth pulled a few years back as they were close to impacting the teeth next to them and they had to come out.

I had nitrous oxide (laughing gas) I actually didn't mind the
nitrous one bit. I liked it. and i didn't feel anything. I don't recall being out of control or being silly or anything like that. I felt good though. LOL I had to have someone give me a ride. You can't drive after.
I wished I could have laughing gas For my crowns when I had my crown done I actually could feel the drill as they didn't numb me up enough and he had to stop half way through the procedure to numb me more. not fun. that dentist got annoyed with me too. he was a jackass for being impatient with me.

Hate going to the dentists with a passion. but we got to do it. I had a great dentist in the last place I lived and wish I could still see him. He was so patient and kind. he knew I had anxiety. The one I have now is pretty nice but i have my favorite. I wish I looked after my teeth when i was younger. I look after all of my teeth now. I floss and clean regularly.

It's up to you what you do. talk it over some more with the dentist. Let them know your anxiety.

I had a root canal a couple of years back and I just told them straight how anxious I get and that I am scared of dental procedures. the dentist prescribed me valium to take on the day. worked pretty good. and the procedure was fine. no problems. alot better than I was anticipating that's for sure.

i wish you well and everything to go well for you. "
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Reply #4 - 03/15/11  11:20pm
" I love anesthesia, it is my best friend...It is like taking a nice nap :) Plus you go to sleep..wake up and its all done- without the trauma...I am very dental phobic, so its always been the way they work on my teeth- sometimes even if it is just a couple cavities. But don't be afraid on Anesthesia, its really not scary, i actually enjoy it- since i love to sleep, haha "
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Reply #5 - 03/16/11  8:08am
" The last time i had dental treatment i was a nervous wreck and took my Diaz before getting a local anesthetic, but afterwards i was cool with it. Managed to go without an tranq's the last time and fingers crossed ive faced my demons and hope it never returns. Good luck and go with whatever you feel more comfortable doing. "
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Reply #6 - 03/16/11  10:14am
" Ok. I just had the lovely experience of having a back tooth #2 removed from the upper jaw, and then going back four days later to have the broken tooth socket removed, both done with injections placed to the area of the tooth removal, and am still on pain killers.
I took my medicine before both surgeries and the doctor explained that I would feel immense pressure when the tooth was being extracted. The doctor explained the difference and I could feel the relief as the tooth was being removed.
Drilling the tooth in half first makes it far easier to remove without damaging the teeth in the adjacent area.
I have had anesthesia for back teeth removal, wisdom teeth removal, and one wisdom tooth done with injections into the area. I would choose to have anesthesia as the jaw is more flexible when a person is relaxed and easier to reset while patient is still under anesthesia.
I have not had laughing gas, however, I have heard it can be effective at reducing the fear of the tooth extraction.
I hope this helps. "
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Reply #7 - 03/16/11  4:20pm
" I totally get the anxiety about dentists. I had a tooth pulled years ago by an incompetent dentist who didn't give me enough anaesthetic and I felt the whole thing. He didn't believe that I could feel anything and wouldn't give me any more.

When I got my wisdom teeth out, I went to a more competent dentist, who knocked me right out. I took a little nap and it was over. :) "
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Reply #8 - 03/18/11  12:23am
" I have recently have had 4 teeth removed in two different sessions. (3 one time, and 1 the 2nd time). I too was worried about which option to go with. I ended up just going with my lorzapam and went for it. it was over in no time, you will be ok no matter what you choose. If you are someone that gets nervous over taking medications (like I do) you may want to go the same why I did. I figured I was going to be nervous over the the procuder so I didn't want to add somthing else to worry about.

One thing I would do if I were you is find a dentist that is nice and understanding of GAD, there are alot out there that understand and they make all the differerence in the world.

Good luck to you, and remember you will be ok, nothing bad can happen when you are with trained DR.s "
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Reply #9 - 03/18/11  5:56am
" I am a Dental Hygienist...with a fear of dentistry...really. I have been in the dental field my whole life and have been a Hygienist for 9 years. I empathize with you. I have been there and that negative experience stays with you for a long time. Here is my suggestion, first, go to the oral surgeon and let them remove it. It is a little more expensive, BUT that is what they do ALL DAY LONG. The oral surgeon has many different techniques and instruments that make the experience much better.
Second: Get a consultation before the extraction and share your concerns. If you don't feel like you are in good hands, go somewhere else. If I am not comfortable with a healthcare provider, it brings anxiety to let them get near me.
Third: If you choose local anesthetic, and it gets you paniky or makes your heart race, ask for anesthetic without epinephrine...it is much more pleasant.
I would consider a sedative. I do not like general anesthesia, but I also don't like putting myself through hell.
If you are in the Chicagoland area, I do know and have personal experience with a great team of oral surgeons.
Best wishes. "
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Reply #10 - 03/18/11  12:56pm
" hello
well.. Anesthesia is necessary anyways.. the dentist can not extract a tooth without giving u Local Anesthesia unless ur speaking about general Anesthesia.
Laughing gas can be very helpful to feel relaxed and more cooperative with the doctor.. but it has nothing to do with pain control... anesthesia does that.. so it is important.
If u feel kinda anxious... its good to have the gas with the anesthesia... And very important note u need to keep in mind... whatever u feel during the procedure is only PRESSURE.. after the Local Anesthesia u will not feel anything.. so make sure not to confuse pressure with pain.. just relax.. as the dentist gonna separate the tooth.. it is going to be less pressure and no pain as u take the anesthesia...
DONT WORRY,, its all gonna be good "

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