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wellbutrin sr & feeling weird
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I am just not sure what to think about Wellbutrin SR. I've never had such odd side effects before (and this is my 6th anti-d over the years).

The only reason I went off Lexapro was that I was thinking of trying to get pregnant and this is supposed to be safe.
These are the side effects listed: weight loss, loss of appetite, dry mouth, skin rash, sweating,ringing in ears, shakiness, stomach pain, agitiation, anxiety, dizziness, trouble sleeping, muscle pain, fast heart beat, sore throat, blurred vision and urinating more than often. My question is - if I have 11 our of the 17 - how good is it?
I worry, too about sex drive! I've had bouts of anger (which is NOT like me) and just don't feel 'normal' like I'm obviously medicated.

I am on day 13, I wonder how others feel, and if they switched cuz of the way it makes them feel not like themselves, even if it DOES help the depression. (I liked lexapro, least amt of side effects and easier to come off of).
I guess I've always had low doses and this seems like a heavy-duty medication. :(
Posted on 01/10/08, 09:47 am
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