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Rachel Ramos & The 'Triad Technique' ????
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So I see my counsellor on thursday and I have been doing to internet research on techniques for anxiety, now alot of people are raving about this ….. so

1. Why can I not find anything about how it works?? - apart from Rachel Ramos telling me if works to 'reprogramme the brain'

2. Why can I not get anywhere for Free instead of paying the 97USD on the Calm Clinic / the 40USD to sign up to sponsered torrent sites

3. Has anyone genuinely tried it and has it worked etc…. because I live in the UK and if its 'THAT' good why is the NHS not providing it?
Posted on 10/30/11, 04:18 pm
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Reply #1 - 10/31/11  12:49pm
" The Triad Technique is basically a derived program of deconstructing a larger problem, in this case anxiety/panic, and breaking it up into smaller problems that can be managed more realistically. I do not know much on its actual methodology, as I don't put much credence in self help material written by individuals who are not studied in actual psychology and understand behavior aspects much better than a layperson who found something that works for them and wants to charge for it. Many of these programs that are hawked over the net are CBT based material gleaned from from highly respected authors and/or published works and articles, and then contrived to a marketable program that is 'guaranteed to work or your money back'. True cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the best source of treatment for anxiety if you choose to go with therapy for anxiety. It is highly effective(over 70%) in treating anxiety, phobias, PTSD, agoraphobia, social phobias. Now, although some of these other programs may work for some, with somewhat dubious testimonials, you will have to fork over some money to find out, and hope that the money back guarantee is iron clad, sometimes it is not, and you are stuck with material that is worthless to your needs or are talked into keeping it under high pressure sales tactics by customer support centers that will reduce the price or offer extra phone support if you keep it. When it comes to your emotional well being, don't you think you deserve better, by seeking, sound qualified help to get you feeling better? i certainly do. Take care and feel better. "
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Reply #2 - 10/31/11  1:06pm
" I have downloaded many programs from torrent sites including The Linden Method, Panic Away and even ordered Lucinda Bassett's Method, copied it and returned it before the 30 day trial ended. i was then harangued by her customer support center to keep it if they would reduce the price. It is quite pricey at 500 dollars, the priciest of all the programs I've reviewed, but they wanted to play auction with me to keep it at a final price of 247 dollars. I said no, returned the material and thought that was it. Yet I was charged for two months of her Positive Mood supplement that goes with the program(one bottle was supposed to be free to keep for trying out the program) and one payment towards the material. I immediately had the charges disputed and was credited back. So do be careful when trying out these money back guarantee programs. They can sometimes be a pain in the you know what and don't really help, but are slick, contrived programs based on already proven methods already in practice. "
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Reply #3 - 09/19/13  10:29pm
" FUCK RACHEL RAmos she is a lying coniving bitch also dont take meds and fuck up your body to benefit the pharmaceutical companys they are all goin gto hell "
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Reply #4 - 09/19/13  11:45pm
" I actually bought the program and used it figuring that I spend more on a therapy session than the program costs. While the information was interesting, it did not help me. It's basically informative and tells you about anxiety and different theories. They tell you to set goals and follow through. It also focuses on positive thinking. To me the program was not helpful at all or worth the money especially if you are already seeing a therapist. "
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Reply #5 - 09/20/13  3:04am
" Hi, I first heard of Rachel when I stumbled across her site one day when I was desperate to find myself a 'one fix magic wonder' that could instantly take my suffering away (I'm sure you would have experienced the same feeling) Anyway I filled out some survey and she started emailing me with what seemed like personal therapy sessions & videos. At the time I thought she was an angel and I did find some things she said SLIGHTLY helpful... But i also knew there would be a catch somewhere and sure be it after a couple of weeks she started talking about how I could join her group for private in depth counselling & it would cost yada yada etc etc. I then felt a little disappointed when I replied telling her i was unable at the time. But then she stopped replying all together. I mean I know people have to earn money and her time was valuable, but a part of me just felt like I had been tricked as I liked how she appeared to care but then dumped me when she found she could get no money from me, which kinda left a bad feeling about her & her programme. Anyway that really has nothing to do with anything. But what I will say is I think what I did see of her techniques I think you could get the same advise for free on the internet or in a CBT book from the library or your counsellor. I've read a lot of anxity books, but found this one the most helpful. "
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Reply #6 - 09/20/13  6:37am
" Its a well know scam that only seeks money. "
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Reply #7 - 09/20/13  3:42pm

Take a look at that website. I had an appointment with my counselor today at 5 and found this website two days ago and downloaded the book. I have seen 3 different counselors but I wasn't convinced with what they were telling me. I canceled my appointment for today because I feel this advice is helping me more than the counselor will. I'm not telling you to cancel and I'm not saying counselors or therapists don't work I just lost hope in them and this website brought a sense of hope back for me. I did almost buy the Rachel Ramos gimmic hours before I found this other website. "
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Reply #8 - 09/20/13  6:09pm
" x0xky4r4x0x Thats the same book I recommend everyone. I found it better then any other book or counsellor as it is written by someone who went thru this. You can even get heaps of helpful free advise from his blog "
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Reply #9 - 10/22/13  4:43pm
" Serenity77 and x0xky4r4x0x I hope you are right about this book? I just ordered it and it was $32 and some change since it's coming from the UK...2 to 3 weeks for shipping so I will let everyone know!!!!!!!!!! "

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