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Waking up anxious
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I always wake up anxious and with this sick feeling how do I stop it
Posted on 01/13/11, 09:18 am
9 Replies Add Your Advice
Reminder: This is a support group for Anxiety. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 01/13/11  10:08am
" Oh yes.. the morning time is when I am most anxious and most nauseous as well. When I get up and start feeling this way, I go ahead and force myself to get out of bed and start doing things. Anything -cleaning, walking around grunting, humming, jumping jacks in your underwear, TV... whatever. I know I do some weird stuff but I don't care - it helps me get going and "normalish" :)
If you go back a few messages, I started a thread with a similar topic. might check that out.
Hang in there,
God bless! "
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Reply #2 - 01/13/11  12:50pm
" hi...you are not alone i myself wake up so anxious and in panic that i have to count things like the photos on the wall or the DVDs in the racks...i keep repeating to myself im ok im ok im ok i count till i feel like im on solid ground again the flipping in my stomach subsides and the tingling in my legs and arms stop my racing thoughts seem to slow down and im able to focus on a few things at a time rather than being bombarded by my inner selves...good luck "
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Reply #3 - 01/13/11  7:11pm
" @mwskopf: That's what I normally have to do. It's hard for me to even get to sleep sometimes so I try and do something.

@e4now: I know how that feels it sucks. I have never tried counting this before but I have tried telling myself its ok and I have all of those symptons as well. "
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Reply #4 - 01/14/11  5:10am
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Reply #5 - 01/14/11  6:05am
" Stay in bed a moment longer and while you in bed tell yourself you will have a good day in spite of the anxiety. You own this day. You can and will do what ever you want. Your body feels great from the top of head to the bottom of your feet. You know you are healthy. You will get up and slowly and comfortable and get on with your routine. And in each moment, really focus on what you are doing and enjoy it. Tell yourself things like there is nothing like the sunshine beaming on my face, it feels good. The cold kitchen floor feels good on my feet, the cup of coffee fills good in my hand, it smell and taste wonderful, and on and on. This way you are focus on the moment..hence live in the moment...and those scary, anxious thoughts won't standda chance., If you feel a bit dizzy just tell yourself it is no big deal , you got up to fast, or your hungry and you will take care of it. Start looking forward to your day. Think of what you really what to do and do them.
It takes practice but every day will get easier and better and better and you will enjoy the mornings. "
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Reply #6 - 01/14/11  6:14am
" I use to wake up and automatically started having a panic attack and it took me almost the whole morning to get out of it. It maybe somewhat of Lexapro helping? but I don';t think so. I had to change everything. I use to wake up and boom have coffee and then tell may self I haad to get all these things done. Now I wake up slowly and say this is my day, I own it and looking forward to it. I will go on with it slowly and comfortably. I go on DS, I read my gratitude list and write ing it. I list five things that I am grateful for that happen the day before, I do affirmations while I am having breakfast. I still get every thing done but I tuned down, I do it calmer, slower nd when I start to worry about get a particular thing done I remind myself I am going to stress myself. No one care if all the dishes get put away or that the floor is spotless before I leave the house. So relax. "
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Reply #7 - 01/14/11  7:03am
" When you have these panic attacks in the morning does your heart race too?? Do you feel like you are still in some kinda weird dream funk bc you just woke up? Thats my problem! I just woke up at about 6am just a little bit ago feeling VERY anxious and my heart was racing and I was still in kinda a funk from the dream I had been having before I woke up.

I do know that waking up anxious is common. I see it alot on here! So you are nowhere near alone!!!

(((hugs))) "
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Reply #8 - 01/14/11  10:25pm
" I read one of your other posts about withdrawal. And now combined with this I have an idea. This may sound incredibly bizarre--in a way it is. My husband used to wake up with terrible anxiety, but he noticed that any time he sneezed, he immediately felt better. He said it feels like his body "re-sets" itself. So in order to sneeze on command, so to speak, he very gently tickles the inside of his nose. (Usually with a special thin item used just for that purpose.) He'll sneeze and I mean, really SNEEZE and he says it totally eases the morning (or afternoon or evening) anxiety. I told you this was going to sound bizarre---but he was really having a very tough time. (Even on a small dose of Klonopin every night.) And I guess if it makes him feel better, that's the most important part. Maybe you got a good laugh from this or a smile. If so, then it was worth sharing. All the best to you! "
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Reply #9 - 01/15/11  6:50pm
" @shemp: Thanks for your advice I never thought of that before. I will try it out and see how it works for a few days.
@PeaceLoveEmthany: It does whenever I have an attack or feel a bit anxious. Sometimes I feel like that but not always. -hugs back-
@WoMom1: That does sound a bit odd. It did make me smile though and sometimes when I sneeze I feel better too...hmmm. "

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