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How long will the blood transfusion last?
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I have been anemic for years treated with infusions and iron shots. Months ago I knew I was anemic again (ice cravings, exhaustion). I begged the dr to let me have iron shots I felt worse daily. They said my iron wasn't low enough but I could feel myself going downhill. My heart was throwing PVCs and they sent me to a cardiologist.

The anemia was ignored becasue they found a 80% blockage of my left artery and did open heart surgery.on July 6 and received a blood transfusion. My iron level was below 8 before surgery and gave me blood transfusion (I TOLD THEM I WAS ANEMIC!).

How long will the blood transfusion last? My fertin was about 6 at the time of surgery so there is no reserve.

I'm getting weak again, palpitations and BP is 86/40. I feel like I'm anemic again but maybe its just one of those bad days recovering from bypass surgery??

Any help appreciated. I can't find anything to tell me how long transfusions last.
Posted on 08/05/07, 11:39 am
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