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Blisters on my stump
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I have problems with blister type lumps that come up on my stump.Does anyone have ideas on how to prevent these please
Posted on 02/08/10, 03:23 am
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Reply #1 - 02/09/10  12:25am
" A little more info would be helpful. Have you have your socket check lately? Maybe its a pressure point inside of your socket that is causing it. I had a bump on the back side of my knee, I went to my leg guy and had him push it out little and the bump went away after a few weeks. So it was helpful to him and me, to know where the pressure point was and he was able to help me out so far it hasn't come back.

I hope this helps you out
Dennis "
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Reply #2 - 02/10/10  8:07pm
" I just went to my leg guy today for blisters on the bottom of my stump he told me they were from skin stretching (I am still in a test socket)
he put some foam in the bottom of my socket to keep it from stretching my skin so much and to put a liitle pressure on the bottom of my stump and told me it should be better in acouple of days. I have finally finished shrinking so maybe I can get my perm. socket soon. I will let you know if this works. "
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Reply #3 - 02/11/10  11:50pm
" My husband had large (3 in wide) blisters from his prostethic at first. We were not told how to break it in and he left it on too long even though he wore it while sitting in the wheelchair... it rubbed just by being on. He had to go to wound care for them to heal and just looked so painful.

They said he had to break in the leg like a new pair of shoes. "
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Reply #4 - 02/13/10  9:54pm
" I use too get those. Mine were like protrusions,looked like that large cell bubble wrap. What was causing mine was my socket. I was wearing alot of socks, they didn't have liners then, just wool socks. All those plies of socks was putting to much pressure on the end of my stump as I was bottoming out in the socket. It might be time for a new socket or a new liner. Get some Ampubalm from your leg guy or online. It is Great! put it on at night.
Thanks ,
Jerry "
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Reply #5 - 02/14/10  7:35am
" nice tomeet you im from wanganui glad u got your stump relooker at i lived that would have bbeen my advice "
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Reply #6 - 02/21/10  8:23pm
" Adding the foam to the bottom of my socket to give my stump a little pressure and it work the blisters are gone but best of all i didn't have to take my leg off for them to heal up. Hope this helps. "
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Reply #7 - 02/21/10  8:32pm
" I posted this earlier today on another thread....blisters?....Just copied and pasted it heA socket too large can also cause this...and I got some really horrible blisters awhile back when after some fitting was completed the foot was not attached straight and I had rotated the socket when putting the leg on in order to compensate for this.

There is a cream that my prostetist recommended and it works very well for me. it is hard to find in this area, and i have a pharmacist order it for me. It is called soothing care...and this part is important "chafing relief powder-gel" when you ask for it be sure to specify that exactly, as there are other soothing care products that are not the same thing...on the tube it will say "from the makers of monistat" important when you tell the pharmacist also that it is not monistat but called soothing care.e also, maybe it will be helpful "
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Reply #8 - 02/24/10  3:11pm
" Just a thought, but are the "lumps" ingrown hairs?
Ingrown hairs can be tough to deal with. If it is ingrown hairs, I would recommend talking to your prothetist, family doctor or a dermatologist to determine the best way to treat and prevent them.

Regarding blisters...
Blisters are usually caused from a poorly fitting socket. See your prosthetist. He/she should be able to alleviate the area. If the blisters persist after modifications to the socket, you may need to get a new socket.

A socket should never cause blisters, sores, or hot spots. If your prosthetist tells you to "break in" the socket or "toughen up" the residual limb, find a new prosthetist!! There is no excuse for a poor fitting socket. "

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