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Residual Limb Shrinkage
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I have a few questions regarding my residual limb. First of all I recieved my new socket on March 26th. I still have to start the day in my old leg and after my limb shrinks I can put on my definative leg. Is this normal and will I shrink to the point that I will be able to start my day in my final leg? Also, will I ever shrink enough to NOT have to wear a shrinker sock to bed? And last but not least, does anyone else have problems when the weather changes? My residual limb swells and aches so when it is rainy and damp. Is this normal?
Posted on 05/10/08, 08:33 am
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Reply #1 - 05/10/08  9:19am
" Hey Johnnny
I have been an amp from many yrs...I hated the stump shrinker sock...I rarely ever wore it..even when I was new to this....I have not used one since the frist few months after I lost my leg. I put my leg on in the morning and away I go..
I personaly dont wear anything on my stump at bed time...
I like my sockets to be very tight..I dont like filler socks...at all..and I dont use any. The only thing I am careful of as far as stump volume is , that I dont let my stump hang down with out a gel sock on or my leg on.
If my leg does get a little to big...I just lay on my back with my short leg up on pillows for 15 mins or so...to let the blood flow back....

If your like me your stump with shrink a LOT in the first year...and will keep on shrinking for the first 5 yrs..but not as much..after 5 yrs...it will still shrink..but will hardly be noticeable...now it is more about my over all weight. My stump will change now if my weight varys one way or the other too much.

I have not noticed any thing in regards to my stump and the weather...

Hope this helps. If you have anything you would like to ask me...feel free....You can also get ahold of me on
yahoo or msn...

Stay frosty
Frosty "
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Reply #2 - 05/14/08  8:23am
" I live in Florida and when the heat of the day get in the 90's my stump swells up and is painful.I like Frost'1's answers.I am being fitted for my socket and on the first visit I had not worn my shrinker sock the nite before and it hurt a bunch when i first put my stump in the socket for the first time the following times it didn't hurt.Surgon doctor said leave it off at night prosthetic doctor said wear it all the time going with prosthetic doctor.I am only 10 weeks in to this so there be lots of shrinking going on "
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Reply #3 - 06/01/08  2:45am
" Wear your difinative leg LONGER. Dont be in pain, but wear it as long as you can stand. I sleep in mine,but thats just me. I wash my limb 2 times a day or more as necessary, THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! Just a thought, Torry "
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Reply #4 - 06/02/08  1:53pm
" I've very intregeded by Torry's reply...why not wear the leg to bed so that it fits the next morning? It would reduce swelling....hmmm...what do doctors say about sleeping with the leg on...I never before heard of someone doing that...but why not - as long as it is taken off at some point every day to look for sores and to clean.... "
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Reply #5 - 06/02/08  2:08pm
" Prosthetist told me not to wear the leg to bed. It's actually getting better and I can now start the day with my good leg. Shrinker sock to bed for a while yet and then might stop that. "
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Reply #6 - 06/02/08  11:34pm
" The prothithist is the "expert", but we are thr amputees!!! Lenghtening the time worn in small increments over a reasonable amount of time will tell you when it is too long. also, I dont walk a whole lot right now, and that may change with my difinative leg, but my body adapted to the constant wear and I feel like its my own leg, no sense of a forign object on the end of my limb. But thats just me. The only thing is you have GOT to wash at least twice a day and air your limb out a little while. that is sooo important if you wear your leg a lot like I do. You CANNOT neglect this step, it gets stinky, sweeaty, and the germs are having a blast in there!! But if you wash at least 2 times a day (or more, if needed) you will be fine. It works for me, and I feel so natural with the leg that sometimes I just almost get up and go without my walker, and I am not ready for that yet!!! I block myself in bed with the walker so I cant get up without hitting it, so I wont be a sleepy dodo-head and take off without thinking. Thats how natural it feels, even though its my old leg and fits poorly. New leg is on the way, yayyyyy!!!! It fits like a dream, and is adjusted PROPERLY; I changed prothtists, and this one LISTENS!! Love to all. "
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Reply #7 - 06/03/08  1:59pm
" Hey - good luck with your new leg Torry! Hope you're able to become more independent with it :) "
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Reply #8 - 06/22/08  1:31pm
" I'm still shrinking so can't help you there. But the weather plays a big part in making my "leg" swell and ache. When it is going to rain or snow I usually know a couple hours before hand. Jeff, my prothetist said the change in barometric pressure causes the swelling and discomfort. It sucks but I hope you're doing better with it. "

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