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Is sudafed addictive?
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Is sudafed addicting if you take it everyday? I can't find conclusive information on this. Is there a wanna-be-doctor in the house? Thanks.
Posted on 10/30/08, 06:32 pm
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Reminder: This is a support group for Alcoholism. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 10/30/08  6:34pm
" I don't know but you can start a meth lab with it... "
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Reply #2 - 10/30/08  6:38pm
" Isn't part of the ingrediants in meth? I would think it may be. Even if it's not addictive one could certainly take it addictively. "
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Reply #3 - 10/30/08  7:03pm
" I have been taking it as I have bad allergies. I stopped and have a killer headache and feel like crap! WTF? "
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Reply #4 - 10/30/08  7:07pm
" KK you need to withdraw from this - any decongestant can be addicitve and what happens is that it stops working and you need to take more and more

My borther was addicted to Otrivine nasal degongestant for about 10 years and had terrible problems coming off

Decongestants should be used as a temp fix eg for hayfever or a bad cold - otherwise you should be on other medication

Have you had the allergy tests and do you know what your allergies are - I am quite sure a doc in this country would not prescribe sudafed! "
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Reply #5 - 10/30/08  7:11pm
" I believe a person truly can become dependant on this. The same holds true for the over the counter nasal spray decongestants. What a hell of a suffering withdrawal that stuff poses!!! My personal experience of course! "
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Reply #6 - 10/30/08  7:14pm
" All I can say about pseudoephedrine is that it would stop you from working for the company I work for. It would give you a positive drug screen. "
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Reply #7 - 10/30/08  7:17pm
" I think we really need to be aware of ANYTHING that you do or take everyday! Alcoholics tend to have addictive personalities, too much of anything is not good! "
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Reply #8 - 10/30/08  7:28pm
" FYI, Tylenol is poisonous for your liver. Don't take it! "
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Reply #9 - 10/30/08  10:47pm
" Only if the taking of sudafed is bothering you and you think you maybe addicted to it, I never heard of anyone getting addicted to it. There are also other treatments for allergies, flonase and Zyrtec work great. "
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Reply #10 - 10/31/08  11:16am
" I just go with an antihistimine to relieve congestion. It can make you a little sleepy, but that's about it. Decongestants mess with my blood pressure. "

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