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4th day sober but payday is friday
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from the age of about 17/18 i knew i was an alcoholic if id of carried on the way i was drinking i think id be dead by now, im 24. but at 20 i spent a long time incarcerated (4 years) which saved my life, i was released from prison 5 months ago and since then i've detoxed off of methadone, im about 2 months clean off the meth but its not getting any easier. im battling with the depression and anxiety that has come as a part of the package of the detox. And this has triggered me back into having like 3/4 day binged on alcohol because i find that it eases the withdrawal symptoms from the meth but makes me feel worse the next day, so its like a catch 22 situation, i dont want to go down the road i was on when i was 20 because if i do that i most probably wont make it to 30, any advice would be appreciated because i really need to combat this whilst im not alcohol dependant because as anyone will know its twice as hard then, iv not drank for 4 days and its payday friday i just dont know how im goin to sit there all day knowing that the shop is just round the corner and not drink, the first days i usually start on strong larger but by the 3/4 days i can garentee it will be vodka thats hows quick it spirrals....
Thanks u for listening and any advice will be greatly appreciated i think this is the first time iv ever spoke in this much depth about this issue.
Posted on 01/21/14, 05:52 am
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Reminder: This is a support group for Alcoholism. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #11 - 01/22/14  4:54pm
" an aa meeting or na meeting id yet for me to go to i put thing off like there is no tommorrow.....well dun tho 69 days is like a miricle to me yano i doubt ill make it pass fri n thats me being honest, and u hav gon to a few mettings... dnt put urself down u hav dun alot already, im cravin a drink rite now sorry 4 sayin i dnt want set n e 1 offf... safe nealco x "

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