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8th step?
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Hi all! So, I've been working my 8th step for months. I am really stuck and don't know why. Every day I say I'll do some work on it, and don't. I've prayed, talked to my sponsor about it, everything but do it. Actually, I did do it, wrong the first time. I wrote down all the things people did to me! Talk about in my head! So I started over.

Any words of wisdom? I guess I just need to get off my arse.
Posted on 12/09/12, 10:39 am
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Reply #11 - 12/09/12  10:47pm
" Sometimes it helps my sponsees to schedule a set time to come to my house, sit at the table and spend the time they need doing the list making. I offer this particularly for step 4 and 8.

For others we actually sit and work through the step 8 list together. They do the hard work but I can guide them and hopefully make it easier.

Maybe you could talk to your sponsor and see if she can help you. "
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Reply #12 - 12/10/12  7:05am
" Willingness. Once I got past that part, the writing was just an exercise. It's just a list, nothing more. I put to paper those I caused harm to. I went over it with my sponsor, and talked about each one - some we realized I didn't need to make the amend, or to do so would have injured them or someone else. Others (very few) were living amends (which I don't like the term much, as I find it's a cop out for many, but that's a post on it's own!). But certainly I had direct amends from that list.

I wrote mine on the subway coming to work over a day or two. If I waited for the "right time" and the "right mindset"...I would still be on that step.

You can talk to your sponsor about what it is that is blocking you from doing this. But it really comes down to just sitting and getting it done. No other way of doing it. :) "

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