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normal to experience appathy?
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I'm on day 5 right now. Last night (night 4 without - longest time without since god knows when) I felt like doing noting. No emtions, no desire to exercise or to clean the house or to make dinner or to pack my lunch for today or to read or to write or to watch TV or anything.

Normal (drinking) me pours myself a drink once I get home and gets right on to whatever I have to. It doesn't matter how long my day has been and how high the pile of dishes is once I get in the house. I just get right on to it and accomplish as much as I humanly can before I black out.

I was hoping that I'd have more energy and time on my hands without drinking. It turns out its just the opposite so far....
Posted on 02/15/13, 10:34 am
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Reply #1 - 02/15/13  10:58am
" Hi miakrita, a body burned by alcohol can take more than 5 days to recover, this is one area where it really depends on how long and how hard you drank plus how your general health was even before you began but it's also hard to deal with the feelings, very hard sometimes.

I don't know if you are going to AA meetings at all but if you are - or considering it - you will find lots of one to one helpful advice and encouragement.

The internet is alright to a point but I never could have relied on just that. I needed the face to face help of others at meetings and people I could meet up with outside of meetings if I wanted, for a coffee or something, plus numbers to call of other AAs so that if I was worried, upset, unsure, tempted to drink really badly, I could have those numbers to hand.

Alcohol is a slow poison and it affects every part of the body, there are all sorts of ailments that can manifest as a result. When a person is physically dependent on alcohol the body has to keep trying to adjust and cope with the onslaught. Take the drink away and you can feel all sorts of things while you body is returning to a more normal function.

I experienced apathy too, a natural sleeping pattern did not come for many months (I was like a walking zombie!), it took me about ten days before I could say I felt better after my last drink. Now you might not have not drank as long or as hard as I did but it's all incremental in recovery. Be patient, good changes will come if you stay away from alcohol. "
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Reply #2 - 02/15/13  1:49pm
" Give yourself a break.

At five days your body is trying to recover, your mind and emotions are probably out of sorts as well.

The important thing right now is to stay sober -- you will get your energy back but give yourself a little time. If you can, sleep when you are tired, eat good food when you are hungry, drinks lots of water, and go for walks or do some moderate exercise.

And congrats on five days! "
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Reply #3 - 02/16/13  5:48am
" Agree with Jersey. Your bodies been kicked with alcohol and is now going through change to become healthy. Take it easy and try to get out for some walks and fresh air. I found where I was functioning drunk, once sober even tying my shoelaces was an ordeal. Energy will come in time. I'd recommend fresh fruits along with those walks. "
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Reply #4 - 02/16/13  6:06am
" welcome Miakrita absolutely agree with all above advice
Noticed on your profile your young This is a fantastic bonus
Really long term alcoholic dependancy as in my own exp left quite bad mental problems
but I was funtioning alcoholic for 30 years So I accept it toook a couple of years for my brain to readjust tough at the time but thankfully I'm ok now So hopefully you'll be feeling better very soon
keep doing all those healthy things sugested you'll be amazed to find the real you "
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Reply #5 - 02/16/13  9:40am
" Hi Miakrita,

Trust me...if apathy is your only issue right are doing good. I got so physically sick from drinking not to mention all the emotional issues I had to face.

It has been 16 months now. Emotional issues are under control. Physical issues are back to normal, other than the damage that was done. Cirrhosis stage 4.
I don't know if you are going to AA meetings at all but if you are - or considering it - you will find lots of one to one helpful advice and encouragement.

Don't do this alone. Find support and educate yourself on what happens when you stop drinking. I could not have done it without A.A. and I am a very strong, intelligent person.

I don't go to meetings as often now...but it is nice to know if I have a problem (of any kind) I can always go to A.A. for advice/help.

Best wishes. "
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Reply #6 - 02/16/13  11:51am
" Great advice so far. Hell, at 5 days I had just finished with my hallucinations and was vibrating and shaking like a blender. Give yourself a break. Give domestics to hubby for now. You need to get rest...your body is rebounding and healing. Most of us just need rest, even though we feel that we should be doing more, being more active, etc. But we need rest.

In the meantime, pursuing a program of action is something to consider greatly. The body will heal, the mind will refocus, emotions will even out and the spirit will come back...and so will the desire to drink. Having something in place other than the lovely folks of DS (and they are so lovely!) will help ensure you don't get back to old ways. Ego has a way of rebuilding and telling you it really wasn't that bad, etc. Don't listen to that voice.

Different ways of going about it - check them out. I am an AA guy, but there is Rational Recovery, etc. Look into them.

Chill out...get well! "
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Reply #7 - 02/17/13  4:39am
" Hey, you did stop drinking the poison! That's the BIG THING! Alcohol was fueling your body and at the same time -slowly but surly - it was going to kill you. Is this normal?
Don't worry about apathy, don't worry about the dishes - your energy will come back as the others are telling you. I agree with all of them. You choose the advice or action what you feel is/are right for you. The most important is to stay sober, so you need all the support you can get. Be kind to yourself.
You are young and strong. I am old and weak. Alcohol stopped to put me on the move long time ago. But I didn't stop killing myself with it. Did lots of damage to my body, to my whole being, no wonder that I feel like doing nothing. after more then a year sobriety, Please, consider that your life depends on your decision to stop drinking. Apathy is normal in these early days, drinking till you black out is not really. All the best to you. Be patient. God bless you. "
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Reply #8 - 02/17/13  10:05pm
" Thank you all. I know how hard it must be to read my post if your recovery makes mine looks like a vacation. I want to say that I appreciate all of the help.

My initial goal of going a week cold turkey was a success. I've learned a ton about myself and about alcoholism/alcohol abuse from being here.

I would like to extend my sobriety until I truly know what it is to be sober. I'm going to my first meeting in a few days. Thank you all for helping me get here. "
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Reply #9 - 02/17/13  11:12pm
" its weird for me because i get on a like ahigh of cleaning and stuff but when i dont drink i wanna lay in bed all day. if i know i cant get it i figure whats the point. i understand what you mean. its weird cause most dont think of cleaning or energy but i do the opposite. but congrats on 5 days thats great. "

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