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I hate leaving my house
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and It's getting worse. I only go out to the store and doctors appointments 1 or 2 days a week if that. The counselor I have been seeing for about 5 months is no help at all. Maybe I should give him more time but I thought by now he would have asked me why I hate to leave the house. Does anyone get better? What does the counselor do?
Posted on 06/01/09, 09:14 pm
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Reminder: This is a support group for Agoraphobia & Social Anxiety. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 06/02/09  9:25am
" Hi there.
Firstly let me tell you that YOU WILL IMPROVE.
I can say that because if i can improve of all people then so can you.But for that you need to move outside your comfort zone even if you need to literally pull yourself out.
It may be difficult in the start but if you hang in there,you'll certainly feel more comfortable.One thing that has helped me is that i have learnt to look straight into people's eyes.When you go out try to look into their eyes.This will give you the confidence to confront your problem.
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Reply #2 - 06/02/09  11:39am
" Hi!
Recovering - increasing your boundaries - sometimes involves taking a few steps backwards and then a few forward. It isn't necessarily about perfection, but about progress. The question - why you hate to leave the house (that the Counselor hasn't asked as yet) - have you asked yourself??? Written down the whys and then disputed them, adding incentives to get out of the house more? Considered the rewards when you do? I have found that facing those worst fears that we house in our imagination (and project with the "what if's") and challenging them, is helpful. I also ask myself what is going on in my life or health that might be contributing to my boundaries shrinking. Some of us do get better, some of us are able to manage this illness. There are different approaches to treatment with this illness. Some are suitable for some, not for others. I wish you a good day! (((())) Joan "
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Reply #3 - 06/02/09  11:56am
" Have you tried gradually increasing your # of excursions out of the house. Try going somewhere everyday. Start with your friends house down the street and work your way up to weekend trips out of state.

The repetition desensitizes you and the fear gradually decreases as long as you keep it up. You also become more confident as you do more. "
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Reply #4 - 06/03/09  4:12pm
" I have social anxiety. I believe councelling can help, but so can medication. I hope you feel better soon. Brad. "
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Reply #5 - 06/03/09  11:03pm
" I have social anxiety and agro, so know how hard it is to get out of the house. I can only go with someone else, not on my own. I am on a new med for anxiety and that has helped heaps, but still can't get past that letterbox on my own, however can navigate the supermarket alone, so long as I have someone to take me and wait by the exit for me. Maybe try spending some time in your backyard, if you have one, might be a good start. You are safe there and you are not out of your boundary. After having accomplished that, try the front of the house and see how you feel. Just take baby steps and they will help. I can now stand at my letterbox and sort through the junkmail to go in the bin, so I am spending more time outside in the front. Not a lot, just a litle. Good luck with the baby steps, and you will improve. "
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Reply #6 - 06/04/09  7:33am
" Mylou, thats me all over..
i too can only leave the house if im with someone else!!!!


im so glad i joined this support group..

so i can be with others like myself :) "
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Reply #7 - 06/04/09  9:29pm
" hi I'm new to this so bare with me just wanted to introduce myself "
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Reply #8 - 06/06/09  11:11am
" I'm new here too, I know what it's like needing that 'safe' person. Why do we need that safe person? I know for me, a long time ago I had a traumatic accident, and suffered anxiety and panic ,and couldn't be in a moving vehicle for the longest time, and sometime after I was threatened by an ex psychotic boyfriend, so a mixture of panic and fear.I had to quit my job and move to the other side of town , The being with someone 'safe' has always stuck with me though. Like needing someone to make me feel safe from people that hurt me badly. "
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Reply #9 - 06/07/09  10:16am
" Yeah my EX doctor laughed at me whe i told him that i could only leave the hosue with someone else!!!
GRRRRRR..stupid doctor.

but yeah i didin realise it was an issue for anyone else!!

so yeah..what a releif to know there are others!

i dont know what mine stems from..

i guess i just dont like people seeing me, coz i dont know how to handle confronting situations..maybe thats it? need a body gaurd haha

doh! i know its not funny..but what can ya do! "
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Reply #10 - 06/07/09  3:42pm
" Hi! I'm the same way. My house is my safe place and I always feel uneasy leaving it. Certain places are worse for me than others though - for instance, movie theaters just scare the living daylights out of me, and so does going to the grocery store. But other places don't cause nearly as much of a problem. It used to be so much worse, until I went to the Dr. and she prescribed Zoloft. It's helped a lot, but I still have that anxiety 97% of the time. But it does get better - just hang in there. I would recommend anti-anxiety meds, but I might be biased because my psychiatrist didn't help me at all. A good therapist can definitely help.

Take care, you can do it. *hugs* "

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