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how much should a 16 month old drink?
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My daughters face is glued to her sippy. I have a slight concern that she could be over hydrating herself. Whats the average amount of water/juice/milk a 1 year old should be drinking, and how much is too much?
Posted on 01/04/08, 02:01 pm
9 Replies Add Your Advice
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Reply #1 - 01/04/08  3:05pm
" I think drinking a lot is good for them, my daughter drinks water all day long.. I do try and limit juice to once a day and milk to 18 oz day.. "
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Reply #2 - 01/04/08  3:26pm
" I have a son that will be 3 in April, and he constantly has something to drink with him. I keep 2 sippy cups on hand for him and have to refill both of them multiple times a day. He does drink about 16 ounces of 1% milk a day, but the rest is juice mixed with water. He has been drinking like this since birth, and the couple of times we talked to the doctor about it, he said as long as it was mostly water, he would be fine. So he gets maybe an ounce of juice mixed with about 7 ounces of water. I don't think it will hurt your child, as mine is very healthy. But all kids are different, and maybe you should ask her doctor to be on the safe side. "
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Reply #3 - 01/04/08  5:49pm
" I have now come to the conclusion that I have asked my ped. about every question imaginable... this one being one of them. I was told that a one year old should have two 8 ounce cups of whole milk a day (go to reduced fat milks after 2 if you want) and two 4 ounce cups of juice. In my opinion, that sounds like too little fluid. My daughter and son both drink about 3 big cups of milk a day, one small cup of juice, and at least one big cup of water. I think that as long as it doesnt interfere with their appetite, and they arent overweight from the milk, their teeth are getting brushed (juice = tooth decay)... personally... with my kids, I dont worry TOO much about it. "
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Reply #4 - 01/04/08  6:53pm
" My 2 1/2 year old has ALWAYS
kept a sippy cup of water or 1
percent milk close by. "
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Reply #5 - 01/04/08  8:32pm
" Soundl like you are getting a lot of good feed back. All I want to say is I do feel your pain! When my seven year old was obout two she drank everything in sight! At a family gathering for New years she was sitting on grandma's lap. She grabbed her glass faster than anyone could grab it and was a sip of champagne! she chocked, and cried a little but that didn't stop her. About a year later we moved to California, she woke up early in the morning and found her glass that sat out over night. She AGAIN Chugged it! Yes, it was spoiled milk! fortunately, she has now outgrown that bad habbit! "
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Reply #6 - 01/05/08  11:49am
" haha, butterfly my daughter has totally pulled the old milk sippy out of the day 2 day old diaper bag and drank it down. How she managed to keep it down I have no idea. Yuck!!

Thanks for the advice everyone. I didn't know she was supposed to be drinking so much milk! She usually has 1 cup of milk a day, but I guess I'll start offering her 2. From what ya'll said, I don't think shes drinking too much. She usually has 1 sippy of milk, and then 4-6 of a juice water mix (1/4 juice, 3/4 water). When I realized she was having 6, I decided to try and keep her sippy count at 4 juice/water, and 2 milk. Thanks so much ladies!!! "
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Reply #7 - 01/06/08  1:12am
" What I recommend to my patients at 1 year of age is around 16oz/regular milk/day and the rest of the fluid intake being water. I make no formal reccs. with juice but I am realistic as most will come across it atleast on an occasional basis.

My big concern with too much fluids is when it interferes with solid food intake. If you feel that may be the case then I would certainly curtail the fluid intake as mentioned above.

All the best,

Dr. Jeremy "
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Reply #8 - 01/09/08  3:07pm
" My daughter is 2 1/2 and has never had juice. Why would anyone feed that to their child? It's not good for them. It doesn't really contain vitamins, it doesn't quench thirst (due to sugar content), there's no fiber or protein... Technically, it's junk food, but no chewing required.
She has milk 2-3 times a day, and the rest of the day she has her sippy and drinks water as she wants. I only track her milk intake. But even if she drank too much milk, I wouldn't worry as long as she gets some fruits and vegetables (and meat) and is growing well.
Kids are supposed to be able to regulate their hydration without our help. Makes me wonder about all the times I had her stay and eat some more because I thought she hadn't had enough... "
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Reply #9 - 01/09/08  3:28pm
" I have 2 extreme situations for you:
My son,2, I have to fight to get 16 oz total in him some days. I keep things available, but he just doesn't want them.

A friend who is 1 month older than my son, by 9:30 am she had had 8 oz of milk and 8 oz of water. She drinks constantly. Her mom is actually worried that they may never leave the bathroom when they potty train.;-)

Both kids are fine. Just individual differences. (Although the other one's mom did worry when she kept my son one time that he wasn't drinking enough!) "

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