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Raw bottom! What can I do?
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My son has had this problem several times. I don't know if it's related to teething or what, but he will out of the blue get a watery stool and since it's like a little water we don't necessarily notice it immediately so his bottom has gotten horribly scorched. It happened again last night. He was bleeding! I feel so horrible for not changing him fast enough. He was in extreme pain/agony.

I just don't know the best medication for it. I use bordeaux butt paste as well as neosporen (on the raw spot). I rinse the detergent out of the wipes w/warm water to try to wipe him, but usually end up putting him in the tub. I was in tears literally last night as well as the other time he bled.

Help! The gold bond powder seems to burn him (since he is very irritated already). Anything else good? I thought about putting some baking soda in the tub. Would that help or hurt??? I can't stand seeing him suffer. It usually clears up in a coulple of days and once it starts we really change him excessively to keep the moisture down.

Posted on 10/31/07, 09:14 am
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Reply #21 - 11/19/07  4:09pm
" I agree with using the maalox liquid on his bottom after diarrhea (neutralizes the acid), and calmoseptine is a wonderful barrier for very raw bottoms. "
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Reply #22 - 11/19/07  5:00pm
" I needed to make a quick adjustment to my previous reply... it is LOTRIMIN not LAMISIL. SORRY!!!!!!! "
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Reply #23 - 11/19/07  6:31pm
" I use Aquaphor too it is GREAT! My daughters doctor told me to use it, I use it all the time if a rash begins and after baths to protect her at night, and proof is when I starting watching my nephew 7 mo ago we found out he cannot handle juice or certain foods and he would get so raw I use this on him and it works! "
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Reply #24 - 11/20/07  9:15am
" Micah, haha ...I thought lamisil is for toenail fungus (i remember commercials for it). I'm going to get some of the Aquaphor, also. It sounds great.

THANK YOU AGAIN EVERYBODY! All this info can be of some help for other suffering bottoms out there. Thanks for all the great advice.

Bree "
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Reply #25 - 11/20/07  10:09am
" Hahhaha.. yes it is for toenail fungus. When I realized that I made the boo-boo, I looked it up to see what it was. My son actually has a pretty bad rash right now and when I went to get the cortaid, next to it was the LOTRIMIN. When I saw that I thought, "Oh no. I pray to God noone has toenail fungus and has that stuff lying around that read my post." Sorry guys. The Lotrimin really does work though... not sure how well Lamisil would do for diaper rash. "
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Reply #26 - 11/20/07  3:54pm
" i use powder with aloe vera in it. it is pretty mild and the red clears right up. "
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Reply #27 - 12/06/07  7:03am
" yeast infection, thats what my 2 year old has had on and off sicne he was born. I saw the doctor about it and he told me to use clotramazole. foot fungus treatments and yeast infection treatments that you buy over the counter.

I'd worry that vaseline or A&D ointment would end up keeping the moisture in. And if moisture is the problem then yeast makes the most sense to me.

I hate seeing/hearing/having our little ones in pain. I hope you find something here that works for him. Good luck "
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Reply #28 - 12/11/07  12:35pm
" I know this question is several months old but I just had to tell you all that Triple paste works!! my son has very sensitive skin and all it takes is one runny poop and his butt gets raw!!! I've looked for several different pastes/ointment but the Triple Paste (little on the pricy side) works on raw butt!! We also used Butt paste but I think the Triple paste works wonders on raw/red butt!! we have a big jar at home!!! "
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Reply #29 - 12/20/07  3:12pm
" I use the liquid powder that johnsons has out it goes on like lotion and dries to a powder, its not as messy as powder and i also swear by Aquaphor my pedi reccomended it and it works great. "
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Reply #30 - 01/06/08  7:15pm
" my son used to get this all the time and my doc told us to not use wipes....ever. his skin is so sensitive thay hurt more than help. we just use wet toilet paper. Also, when you put the butt paste on, put a layer of vaseline or A&D on top and in the diaper. The vaseline or A&D acts as a padding sort of between the butt and diaper and also repels water so it keeps the pee and poop away from soaking into the skin. Also, when there is a rash, dont put him in the tub becuase it makes the pores open and when he gets out and his butt hits air it dries out even more. I do this every time and it works. Also, when he has diarrhe, have you tried the BRATY diet? You only feed him bananas, baby rice cereal, applesauce, toast and yogurt. in less than 24 hrs the diarrhea is gone. even when it is gone, u continue the diet for 48 hrs then slowly add in regular food. "

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