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Has anyone went out on disability with this disease or considering it?

It is difficult to try and be a good father, husband, deal with my two hour plus commute and keep it together at work.

How does everyone do it?
Posted on 09/09/08, 11:28 pm
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Reply #1 - 09/10/08  2:23pm
" Hi very good question how does every one do it with Acromonster always in the shadows.There is a very high rate of people not working and having depression which I did point out at my hospital this.Well for me before drug I worked but was in so much pain had so many symptoms not sure really how I coped.I am now on a drug and I do so much I wonder how I fit everything in Two jobs working from home as well as working on site with a team doing a victorian garden looking after my family my house is always full.I have many different people to deal with.But for me this must be what I need I have so many comments now of you look younger I have such lovely comments of the work we do always being given flowers and lovely letters.I am laughing and smiling more.But I do work really hard to do this and yes I have a battle nobody please dont think I have it easy I dont.I gave a Rose a member on here some advice Declutter the crap and so take care of yourself thats what I do you have to do what you can to one beat acromonster and be as happy as you can I hold my hand up and ask for help more.To be honest people with acro should be helped more theres not enough out we seem to be always worrying constantly with this condition its so not easy Jokeyx "
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Reply #2 - 09/10/08  9:35pm
" There is someone in our "family" from Canada who is at least temporarily on disability. It is difficult for me to compare the systems between countries and I don't believe it is easy in any of them in any case. A two hour commute is not easy for any one. While you are browsing the DS site, watch the ads that pop up because I distinctly remember having seen something recently about disability and it may even have been directly related to acromegaly - the way the ads on this site are tailor made to pick up on key words from what we read or what we type. If you are considering going after Social Security disability, be prepared for a long battle, no matter what your circumstances are. I've been close to some people who have been through some unbelievable situations.... "
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Reply #3 - 09/10/08  10:16pm
" I actually went on long term disabilty starting the week before my surgery. I had to use up 45 sick days before it kicked in...I thought after my surgery I would go back to work within a surgery went very well but I was sooo fatigued and mylevels went down slowly so I stayed out of work till feb and then I went back part time and until this september....I don't think that is what you meant...I have read on this site an dothers peoples quesitons about SSI etc.....I have worked with indiviuals who have appied for other reasons ...the system is not easy to tap into... but this is something you really need to talk to about with your doctors....first..
I was sooo fatigued and then they put me on Iron pills and I htink that has made a huge difference...I was only slightly anemic...but it helped....hope this helps... "
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Reply #4 - 09/12/08  2:08pm
" I applied a year ago. Was turned down 2 times and was scheduled for a hearing. The judge reviewed my case before the hearing and I was approved. I did most of it myself on line then after getting turned down 2 times decided to contact a lawyer. I also wrote my state senetor and recieved a answer in 2 weeks. Very frustrating and long drawn out ordeal. My family doctor wrote in my behave that I was not able to work any longer do to my physical conditions (from acromegaly) and depression. Waiting for my 1st disability check which will be in Oct. Hope this helps. Oma2 "
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Reply #5 - 09/12/08  3:35pm
" well here it has not been too bad, we applied for long term disability and was approved, we had an appointment with medical docs, they asked a lot of questions, also you can work as much as you want, and still get it, they said because it was disease that will always have to be monitored it was classed as a long term medical prob,(Disability)if fact our local doc said she would need life long followup and sent this along to the Board. if you need any more info please ask away. "

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