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still trying to cope.
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I know I should not stress as much as I do and try not to worry about my acne and acne scars, but it is hard. I just hate how I look and it is really affecting my life. I don't see many people around who have acne, but the one's that I do see seem to be fine and I wish I could be strong like them. I feel I look gross and I do everything I can to help antibiotics, going to dermatologist as much as I can. Of I could spend all the money that I have on stuff to help my skin look better I would. I don't like to bother my friends with this. They know how I feel about myself, just not to this extent. I don't go out, i,'m scared to date . If I didn't have to work I probably would not leave my house. I'm only 32 yrs old and I'm tired of feeling like this. I seem to get more and more depressed as time goes on. I can't keeping going on like this. I wish I was strong enough to face that I'm probably gonna deal with this the rest of my life.
Posted on 04/06/13, 07:52 pm
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Reply #1 - 04/10/13  9:39am
" hi, Im sorry you are feeling so depressed, Ive been there.
I had acne since I was 12 or so, last year it got the worst its ever been and that, along with several other reasons, caused me to go into deep depression. I tried one month of Accutane, huge mistake, it made me suicidal...long story short, once I tried Yaz birth control, I went from cystic acne along my jaw/chin/back to clear skin in about 4 months. I dont wear make up now at all except to cover the old marks which are fading. Im ecstatic, my skin has never been better.
If you cant or dont want to take birth control, try saw palmetto and spearmint, both cause DHT(a hormone which causes acne in men and women) to drop. Believe me, I allowed acne to almost end my life, and I never wantto go there again!
I wish you the best and God Bless. "
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Reply #2 - 04/14/13  5:28pm
" Thank, I think I'm gonna try the saw palmetto. I'm willing to try anything. Just taking it one day at a time. "

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