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Hello DailyStrength Members! The new site is coming very soon. We have a preview version of the site available now for you to explore if ... Read More »
The role of bracing in people with adolescent idiopathic (as in, we don’t know why it happens) scoliosis who are at risk for curve progression is ... Read More »
Back and neck pain are common complaints in the doctor’s office. Back pain is a part of life but there are several things you can ask yourself and ... Read More »
At some point, most women will know what it’s like to have a UTI: you feel like you have to urinate constantly, there is burning and pain during ... Read More »
In the decades I have been practicing structural body care, one of the most common complaints heard from women is that they suffer from foot pain ... Read More »
Every year, on December 3rd, the world recognizes the achievements and contributions people with disabilities make to society. This UN-sanctioned ... Read More »
The internet is a great way to access information about every need you might have when it comes to your wheelchair needs. It allows the consumer to ... Read More »
If you like the hard-core, in your face attitude of the 2004 US Quad Rugby Paralympic team documentary, Murderball, then Mark Zupan’s ... Read More »
Boccia first appeared at the 1984 Summer Paralympic Games in New York, USA. That year, the Paralympics were split between two sites: Stoke Mandeville ... Read More »
Alongside the opening day of the 1948 Summer Olympics in London, Stoke Mandeville Hospital held its very own athletic competition consisting of ... Read More »

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