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Health Blogs

When you are pregnant, you morph and change in many wonderful ways. Everything from your body shape to your fingernails is affected by the hormonal ... Read More »
If someone you know and love has experienced a miscarriage or hasn’t been able to become pregnant, they are undoubtedly in your thoughts, and you ... Read More »
People cause intentional harm to their bodies for a myriad of reasons. In general self-injury, also known as self-mutilation, deliberate self-harm ... Read More »
Modern medicine has revolutionized our quality of life. Many people with debilitating diseases are now able to live normal lives with daily ... Read More »
Dealing with infertility or miscarriage has it’s own strange way of warping the everyday things that would normally bring great joy. Take a baby ... Read More »
As a doctor and a parent of young girls, I have to say this is a must read. Teenage girls who used tanning beds in the 1990s are behind the sharp ... Read More »
I got a text today from a friend who has been TTC (trying to conceive) for two years. She had gone to her RE (reproductive endocrinologist) this ... Read More »
I have a close family friend who is going through the heartache and disappointment of not being able to conceive. She is 40, and has done 3 rounds of ... Read More »
Although I would be the first to agree there is nothing more rewarding than having a child, I must also share that those first few months of a ... Read More »
There is no hiding it – I am an older mom! When I had my first daughter I was 36 years old and while I was on the senior side of the mom pool of my ... Read More »

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