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One in five women has used Planned Parenthood services. For those of you who don’t know what Planned Parenthood does, they are the largest provider ... Read More »
It’s flu season. Chances are good you will pick something up this winter, from the mild to the lay you out for a week type of bug (like the one ... Read More »
A new Down syndrome blood test has recently been released that will allow parents to detect whether or not their baby will have Down syndrome more ... Read More »
Who doesn’t love a happy ending to a potentially heart-breaking story? I, unfortunately, hear too many stories about lost pregnancies, stillbirths, ... Read More »
With the ever increasing advancement of modern technology in medicine and, in particular, neonatology care, we continue to see improving survival ... Read More »
Although I’m certainly no internet “techie,” I do like to think I use modern technology to some degree to help better serve my patients. That ... Read More »
Here’s a gross topic, but one I felt compelled to write because it just happened, and it kind of freaked me out. Ever had a really unusual amount ... Read More »
We can all picture the woman lying in fetal position on her bed with cramps during the bad time of the month. Endometriosis is a common cause of ... Read More »
My friend called me late one night last week. We had gone out for dinner together, and she had what she thought was food poisoning. She felt ... Read More »

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