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Posted in Miscarriage by Michael Roizen, MD on Wed Apr 16, 9:04 PM EDT
About 20 percent of known pregnancies end in miscarriage, and it's likely that half of all fertilized eggs have chromosomal abnormalities and are ... Read More »
Many miscarriages are due to chromosomal abnormalities, and the abnormality is a random, DNA Russian roulette. Chances are very good that your next ... Read More »
There are so many things that need to go right for a pregnancy to go full-term, it’s a wonder we can reproduce at all. And when one thing doesn’t ... Read More »
If you are taking the time to read this, I am guessing you, or someone close to you, has suffered a miscarriage. First, let me say, I am sorry for ... Read More »
If you are experiencing a miscarriage, you may wonder, “What happens now?” There are a few options to clear the pregnancy from your uterus. All ... Read More »
One of the lessons I am trying to learn in life is to see the glass as half full. It changes the way I react to upsetting news, to a disappointing ... Read More »
I remember my first miscarriage like it was yesterday. I think it was the complete shock of it that seared it into my memory. I was 9 weeks pregnant, ... Read More »
Posted in Pregnancy by Lee Trask on Mon Jul 1, 8:07 AM EDT
There has been a steady rise in cesarean section births since the mid 1960’s, when statistics on rates of deliveries via C-section were first ... Read More »
In my first trimester of my first pregnancy, my husband and I took a trip to the mountains. My husband really wanted to ski with some friends. And ... Read More »
I found that when I was going through all my tests, trying to find a reason for my inability to get pregnant, that I was torn about getting the ... Read More »

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