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USA Today recently published an article about cases of addiction in the military, referencing a general who talked to a group of physicians about his ... Read More »
Posted in Stress Manageme... by Doctor Oz on Mon Jan 26, 12:54 AM EST
When you’re under the gun at home or at work, it can be hard to find time for others’ feelings. But don’t be so hard on yourself; there might ... Read More »
The debate, about whether or not to use corporal punishment as a disciplinary method, rages on, despite the fact that no reputable study has ever ... Read More »
The airports and train stations are bustling at this time of the year. People travel far and wide to reunite with family members during the holidays ... Read More »
When the final days of a pregnancy are ticking down, the last minute details are the most exciting. Do you have the baby’s coming home outfit? Is ... Read More »
It’s a new way to use an old thing. Prazosin (brand name is Minipress) has been used for high blood pressure and benign prostatic hypertrophy for ... Read More »
Siblings argue, that is a simple fact of family life. In truth, when I hear of siblings who never argue or disagree I typically find either a lack of ... Read More »
I am the youngest of 3 children and I have two of my own kids. No study can provide me with better evidence of the powerful influence older siblings ... Read More »
Finding the perfect gift for your spouse is an exciting part of the holiday season. But fighting crowds to snag the latest “must have” item (and ... Read More »
Believe it or not—just like adults—young people experience the holidays in vastly different ways. Some look forward to them with an unrivaled ... Read More »

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