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Health Blogs

I first came to know about Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), the Los Angeles based rave now travelling around the country, last year when my hospital ... Read More »
Between emails and regular mail, I am inundated with medically related information on a daily (even hourly) basis. And while I must admit I don’t ... Read More »
The verdict in the Casey Anthony trial is in and she has been found not guilty of murdering her young daughter. This case has stirred emotions in so ... Read More »
Human beings enjoy being right. This is just a simple fact of life. It gives us a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction to be right. In fact, ... Read More »
When I heard the news that Bin Laden was killed my initial reaction was surprise. After all, it had been almost ten years and he had remained this ... Read More »
I have been compiling this list in my head for years. Physicians in training love to throw out these words while patients look at us in disbelief. ... Read More »
Whether you believe dreams have meaning or not, Jude42 recalls several instances when her dreams about her cats have been significant messages ... Read More »
My last post was about the uncanny St. Bernard dogs, which, in the 200 years they worked from the St. Bernard monastery, saved over 2,000 lives in ... Read More »
My rescue dog, Destiny Loco Deniro, has quite a story. After losing my PekAPoo Harley after 14 years, I fell ill to a very rare autoimmune disease ... Read More »
Today the world lost a true Hollywood legend. Whatever you may think of Elizabeth Taylor, she certainly did leave her mark on this world before she ... Read More »

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