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Health Blogs

I have been compiling this list in my head for years. Physicians in training love to throw out these words while patients look at us in disbelief. ... Read More »
Whether you believe dreams have meaning or not, Jude42 recalls several instances when her dreams about her cats have been significant messages ... Read More »
My last post was about the uncanny St. Bernard dogs, which, in the 200 years they worked from the St. Bernard monastery, saved over 2,000 lives in ... Read More »
My rescue dog, Destiny Loco Deniro, has quite a story. After losing my PekAPoo Harley after 14 years, I fell ill to a very rare autoimmune disease ... Read More »
Today the world lost a true Hollywood legend. Whatever you may think of Elizabeth Taylor, she certainly did leave her mark on this world before she ... Read More »
Hubby and I are cat crazy! That is what really brought us together. We have rescued some, some we would just feed outside, and some would be the ... Read More »
Dogs are lifesavers. Literally. Perhaps the most recognizable life saving dog is the St. Bernard, looking for lost and cold souls in the Alpine snow. ... Read More »
Bad looks good when something worse comes along. A devastating earthquake in Japan snapped me out of my own personal pity party on Friday. I have ... Read More »
How can you stay well during the cold and flu season? Well, strict hand washing and taking care of yourself (getting enough sleep and exercise, etc.) ... Read More »
Last week, we went red for women and heart disease. Over the last decade there have been major changes in the treatment of acute myocardial ... Read More »

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