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Health Blogs

Whether you believe dreams have meaning or not, Jude42 recalls several instances when her dreams about her cats have been significant messages ... Read More »
My last post was about the uncanny St. Bernard dogs, which, in the 200 years they worked from the St. Bernard monastery, saved over 2,000 lives in ... Read More »
My rescue dog, Destiny Loco Deniro, has quite a story. After losing my PekAPoo Harley after 14 years, I fell ill to a very rare autoimmune disease ... Read More »
Today the world lost a true Hollywood legend. Whatever you may think of Elizabeth Taylor, she certainly did leave her mark on this world before she ... Read More »
Hubby and I are cat crazy! That is what really brought us together. We have rescued some, some we would just feed outside, and some would be the ... Read More »
Dogs are lifesavers. Literally. Perhaps the most recognizable life saving dog is the St. Bernard, looking for lost and cold souls in the Alpine snow. ... Read More »
Bad looks good when something worse comes along. A devastating earthquake in Japan snapped me out of my own personal pity party on Friday. I have ... Read More »
How can you stay well during the cold and flu season? Well, strict hand washing and taking care of yourself (getting enough sleep and exercise, etc.) ... Read More »
Last week, we went red for women and heart disease. Over the last decade there have been major changes in the treatment of acute myocardial ... Read More »
This is the first time I’ve written these down, though they have been in my head for years. As patients you will be able to add to this list I’m ... Read More »

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