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Health Blogs

The U.S. Surgeon General is continuing to add to the official list of diseases caused by smoking cigarettes nearly 50 years after the government ... Read More »
Just a couple of weeks ago I found out my nephew’s eyes were sunburned. Not sure how it happened other than he was obviously in the sun all day ... Read More »
Posted in Diets & Weight ... by Carole Carson on Tue Feb 28, 11:02 AM EST
To eat fat, or not to eat fat: that is the question. If you are overweight, chances are good that your doctor has advised you to cut back on fats. ... Read More »
Ask several experts if carrots are good for your eyesight and you are likely to receive a variety of responses. The question is often debated whether ... Read More »
Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of blindness in Americans over the age of 60. Prevention of AMD is key since the ... Read More »
Recycling Medical Waste: Turning Trash Green Struggling hospitals and clinics are trying to cut costs by reducing and in some ... Read More »
Fight against the challenges of the struggling economy by turning it into an opportunity to gain new skills while practicing simple, effective ways ... Read More »
As a nation, America loves to talk about health. Two popular subjects frequently come up: what prescription drugs are people taking, and how much ... Read More »
Neuroscientists Can Predict Your Behavior Better Than You Can A new study using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) on 20 test ... Read More »

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