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Health Blogs

Posted in Sleep Apnea by Dr. Scott Tamura on Mon Nov 28, 8:11 AM EST
Do you have high blood pressure? How about heartburn, insomnia, daytime sleepiness-fatigue or diabetes? Do you know a child who has ADD, ADHD or ... Read More »
One of my neighbors, Richard Scammell, is a wonderful cook. In fact, I consider him a chef even though he does not cook for a living. Cooking is his ... Read More »
Posted in Gout by Dr. Sharon Orrange on Wed Oct 12, 2:10 AM EDT
1) The reason you hear so much about it, is that the prevalence of gout has increased greatly over the past 30 years. 2) There is more ... Read More »
EIGHT. When a new patient comes to my office for treatment of their TMJ symptoms, the average number of health care professionals that they have ... Read More »
According to information from the American Heart Association, all forms of heart disease still account for one out of every three deaths, and heart ... Read More »
Nobody likes the idea of committing to a medication for life. Whether you don’t feel like filling your prescription, run out of money to pay for ... Read More »
Rivaroxaban was just FDA approved after it was found to be as good as Coumadin (Warfarin) for stroke prevention in those with atrial fibrillation. ... Read More »
Heart-unhealthy behaviors are the same factors that negatively affect male fertility. Obesity, high cholesterol and blood pressure, lack of exercise, ... Read More »
There are things that you can do without visiting a professional to improve your own emotional health. Try one or all of these self-care ... Read More »
Many of you pay high co-payments for services and medications you think should be covered by insurance. Well, it turns out the Institute of Medicine ... Read More »

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