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Health Blogs

This will not be a downer at all. As you will see, much of what you do in your fifties is about prevention and staying healthy. Read on my friends to ... Read More »
This is the time of the year when many parents are preparing a child to fly from the nest. Hordes of young adults are going to enter universities and ... Read More »
Here in this 2nd part of my two part series, preparing for college, I now address the other party involved…the ones being left behind. So ... Read More »
Mankind has had pets for tens of thousands of years. While we're not sure when the first human adopted his or her first pet, we know that the bond ... Read More »
Posted in Healthy Relatio... by Cyndi Sarnoff-Ross on Fri Dec 23, 12:12 AM EST
It seems obvious that when two people cease to communicate their relationship begins to die. And yet so often I see couples in my office that have ... Read More »
With the holiday season in full swing, the joy and sharing of the season is what we all look forward to. Unfortunately, there are things that can ... Read More »
Most sleep-medicine doctors report that their practices are overwhelmingly dominated by women. Reports have shown that almost 3 in 10 women are now ... Read More »
Have you ever been searching for something that’s right in your hand? A new study expands on the results of a famous video called “The Selective ... Read More »

Most of the things I will mention in this article are simple ways to bring a smile to your partner's face and warm your own heart. If ... Read More »

Posted in Anxiety by Julie Cohen on Tue May 19, 7:55 PM EDT

I spent this morning at a college graduation ceremony.  It's been awhile since I have attended one and I forgot how emotional and ... Read More »

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