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I have recently spoken to several people who have returned to the west coast after having unfortunately traveled back east just as Hurricane Sandy ... Read More »
1. 'Tis the Season(al) Affective Disorder: Why Am I a Scrooge over the holidays? Mood is worse over the holidays. Recognize ... Read More »
There is considerable debate regarding the new information about pregnant women and their use of antidepressants, released in the Journal of Human ... Read More »
Can peas replace Prozac pills and apples replace Abilify tablets? Hippocrates, who believed in the healing power of nature, may have been on to ... Read More »
There is a tendency for people to come to therapy with the expressed desire of feeling better, and by this, many mean off loading their painful or ... Read More »
Posted in Depression by Lee Trask on Thu Sep 27, 9:09 PM EDT
You’re in your 7th month of a healthy pregnancy. There are many amazing things going on. Among others, you’re feeling your baby on a daily ... Read More »
Has someone accused you ... Read More »
When we hear “tune-up” we think about routine maintenance to keep things running smoothly with our car, computer, or home appliances. It makes ... Read More »
The Jewish Holidays are here but you don’t have to be Jewish, or even religious, to appreciate the significance of this holiday. There is an ... Read More »
Whether one struggles with an addiction or disorder, lifelong recovery is the goal of treatment. This is achieved through a wide array of therapeutic ... Read More »

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