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This week on Sharecare we’re sharing the secret to a longer and more independent life, giving you the latest info on an Ebola vaccine, testing ... Read More »
On Sharecare we’re dishing out the secrets to a long-lasting relationship, sharing delicious recipes from the American Diabetes Association and ... Read More »
Posted in Stress Manageme... by Sharecare on Tue Aug 5, 8:08 PM EDT
Each of us spends time in the thought-free state every day. We just don't know it. The thought-free state is that instant when you're looking at a ... Read More »
Physical exercise is like a natural wonder drug for your brain and body. It gets your heart to pump life-giving blood into your brain, supplying more ... Read More »
Giles Story, Ph.D., led a research team in a study to determine the basic process that surrounds the anticipation of pain. The results of this study ... Read More »
Fibromyalgia causes pain all over, on both sides of your body, and above and below your waist. Fibromyalgia patients have certain "tender points" ... Read More »
After twenty years of taking care of patients, it’s time to pass on ten little habits you can correct that contribute to poor health. You’ve got ... Read More »
Posted in Anxiety by Cyndi Sarnoff-Ross on Wed Feb 27, 1:02 AM EST
Everyday I hear about another person, friend, client or colleague who is suffering from intense anxiety. It is truly a current epidemic, at least in ... Read More »
Bend Your Knees Most people know that to lift a heavy object, you should not bend over at the waist; but instead, keep your back straight, ... Read More »
Posted in TMJ by Dr. Scott Tamura on Mon Feb 27, 9:02 AM EST
The scientific literature reports that between 55 and 80% of all patients with TMJ have neck pain. In my Marina Del Rey (California) practice, as a ... Read More »

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