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When I got pregnant, I expected a bigger butt, a huge belly, porn-star sized breast-feeding boobs, but bigger feet? That, I did not expect. There are ... Read More »
My OB told me the darkened areas appearing on my face, the "mask of pregnancy," would go away after my babies were born, especially since I have fair ... Read More »
Last post, I listed the weird, unexpected, permanent reminders of my pregnancies. Today, I will go into the first one: skin tags. These are perfectly ... Read More »
Posted in Pregnancy by Lee Trask on Mon Feb 14, 8:02 PM EST
I have a friend who is pregnant, and asked me to give it to her straight. What kind of toll could pregnancy exact on her body, permanently? I gave ... Read More »
Every year around this time I like to give a little insight as to what I’m seeing in the pediatric community these days because, well, frankly, ... Read More »
Before ultrasound, the only way a doctor could see inside a body was to cut it open. And before ultrasound, the only way for parents to see what ... Read More »
Your first pregnancy ultrasound... you’ve pictured in your head: the gel on your belly, the doctor running what looks like a price scanner from the ... Read More »
You may have read that a healthy weight gain during pregnancy is between 25-35 pounds. You start doing the math and panic. “If my baby only ... Read More »
You might think lifting weights and pregnancy would not go together, but there are many benefits to strength training, and it can be done safely all ... Read More »

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