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Health Blogs

Posted in Brain Injury by Daniel Amen, MD on Wed Apr 30, 10:04 PM EDT
Developing regular brain-healthy habits is a critical piece in boosting your brain and unleashing its power. You must take your habits seriously, and ... Read More »
Did you ever smell a particular scent, and a flood of memories came pouring in? It happened to me when my aunt passed away. I hadn’t been to her ... Read More »
Whether its knee replacement, lumbar spine surgery, or hysterectomy; most of the anxiety my patients have about their upcoming surgery is about pain ... Read More »
Cancer is one of the most fear inducing words in our culture; and it is the number one disease American’s wish to avoid, according to on-line ... Read More »
Posted in Dementia by Cyndi Sarnoff-Ross on Mon Feb 28, 7:02 PM EST
The other day I saw a hysterical video of a woman singing a parody of the song "Memories" from the Broadway musical Cats. The song makes fun ... Read More »
Although I’d like to think the doctor-patient relationship has improved over the years, I still get the sense here at DailyStrength there are some ... Read More »
Can coffee and tea help stop brain tumors? A new huge study of over half a million adults in Europe shows that it just may be true. But as usual, as ... Read More »
There's no getting around it; radiation is scary. And although it remains an important part of current medical technology that can be crucial in ... Read More »
Brain shrinkage is one of the startling but true things that happens to people as they age that appears to be connected with memory loss, dementia, ... Read More »
Have you ever been searching for something that’s right in your hand? A new study expands on the results of a famous video called “The Selective ... Read More »

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