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Health Blogs

If you are a sexually active woman, chances are good that you have had a urinary tract infection at least once in your life. UTI's are, in fact, the ... Read More »
Posted in Sleep Apnea by Dr. Scott Tamura on Mon Nov 28, 8:11 AM EST
Do you have high blood pressure? How about heartburn, insomnia, daytime sleepiness-fatigue or diabetes? Do you know a child who has ADD, ADHD or ... Read More »
Not a day goes by where I don’t receive a handful of questions about how much sleep a child should have. In fact, during the course of every ... Read More »
Every year around this time I like to give a little insight as to what I’m seeing in the pediatric community these days because, well, frankly, ... Read More »
In part II I hope I convinced you how important breast feeding is for the development of the airway of your child. I know, many of you mothers are ... Read More »
I'll never forget the day I performed an exam in my office on a child from a country outside the U.S. He was almost six years old. I marveled at his ... Read More »
Are Your Expired Prescription Drugs Still Good? The pharmacy and the manufacturer may have different expiration dates for your ... Read More »
So is mine, so I know where many of you are coming from. In fact, the studies show about 10%-15% of 7-year-old children deal with bedwetting (AKA ... Read More »

A question I am asked more often than you might think comes from proud parents wanting to know the ultimate eye color of their newborn ... Read More »

They're a nuisance.  They're itchy.  And chances are either your child or someone you know will encounter these tiny little critters at ... Read More »

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