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Health Blogs

Here's a test to see how much you know about the incidence of heart disease in women. What percent of annual deaths of women in the United States ... Read More »
Posted in Heart Attack by Lee Trask on Thu Apr 11, 3:04 AM EDT
Normally I write about infertility and miscarriage. I know more about both of those subjects than I ever wanted to because they came into my life, ... Read More »
Every year new medications and study results change the way we practice medicine. Many families will be affected by these new updates and ... Read More »
Posted in Alcoholism by Dr. Sharon Orrange on Mon Oct 22, 8:10 AM EDT
For young to middle aged adults the moderate use of alcohol increases the risk of the most common causes of death (such as trauma and breast cancer.) ... Read More »
For most of us, hearts, flowers, and candy symbolizes Valentine's Day, but according to MedlinePlus, it’s also a day when approximately 2,800 ... Read More »
Well, until recently, I’ve always described juices as being pretty much empty calories. Parents so very often ask when they can start them or ... Read More »
Rivaroxaban was just FDA approved after it was found to be as good as Coumadin (Warfarin) for stroke prevention in those with atrial fibrillation. ... Read More »
In the November 9, 2010 journal Epidemiology, an abstract was published on the ... Read More »
People who suffer from chronic illness often feel profoundly separated from others. Their days can be marked with pain and suffering, and tasks that ... Read More »

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